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Classical Conversations v. Abeka

Sorting through homeschool curricula to find the perfect one for your family can be overwhelming, to say the very least.

We understand. To help you narrow down which homeschool curriculum to choose, we’ve created the chart below to compare Classical Conversations with Abeka, a curriculum used in many private Christian and home schools.

We hope this Classical Conversations versus Abeka chart helps you decide which curriculum will best serve your family. Good luck in your search!

Comparing Classical Conversations vs. Abeka
Name Classical Conversations Abeka
K – 12 Curriculum K-12 Curriculum Classical Conversations yes K-12 Curriculum Abeka yes
Dual Enrollment/College Credit Dual Enrollment/College Credit Classical Conversations yes Dual Enrollment/College Credit Abeka yes
Dedicated In-Person Communities Dedicated In-Person Communities Classical Conversations yes Dedicated In-Person Communities Abeka no
Designed for the Classical model Designed for the Classical model Classical Conversations yes Designed for the Classical model Abeka no
25 Years of Experience 25 Years of Experience Classical Conversations yes 25 Years of Experience Abeka yes
Global Communities (30 Countries) Global Communities Classical Conversations yes Global Communities Abeka no
K – 6: translated into Russian and Portuguese K - 6: translated into Russian and Portuguese Classical Conversations yes K - 6: translated into Russian and Portuguese Abeka no
Home Educator Resources Home Educator Resources Classical Conversations yes Home Educator Resources Abeka yes
Original Source Documents Original Source Documents Classical Conversations yes Original Source Documents Abeka yes
Avg ACT/SAT/CLT Scores Published Yearly Summer Camp For Kids & Parents Classical Conversations yes


Faith based Faith based Classical Conversations yes Faith based Abeka yes
Special Needs Customization Special Needs Customization Classical Conversations yes Special Needs Customization Abeka no
What is Average Cost per Year?* Blank### $650-$1074/grade
One Price for single grade level Blank### Special Needs Customization Abeka yes
Art & Music Programs Art & Music Programs Classical Conversations yes Art & Music Programs Abeka yes
Online Only Courses – Live Blank### Online Only Courses - Live Abeka no
Customer service Customer service Classical Conversations yes Customer Service Abeka yes
Christian Schools Use It Blank### Christian Schools Use It Abeka yes
School-at-home (traditional textbook approach) Blank### School-at-home Abeka yes
Online and In Person Parent Support Options Online and In Person Parent Support Options Classical Conversations yes Blog###
Global support / International Translations Global support / International Translations Classical Conversations yes Global support / International Translations Abeka no
Trained Tutors Trained Tutors Classical Conversations yes Trained Tutors Abeka no
Grading Provided Blank ### Depends What Option you choose
Offers Accountability Offers Accountability Classical Conversations yes Offers Accountability Abeka no
On Demand Courses Blank ### On Demand Courses Abeka yes
Accreditation Blank ### The Academy is, but not the homeschool
Apps Blank ### Apps Abeka no

After reviewing the key differences between Classical Conversations and Abeka from the chart, hopefully you can more confidently choose which might be the best homeschool curriculum for your family.

If you’re interested to learn more about the Classical Conversations curriculum or to find a local community near you, reach out to us here! [LINK TO LANDING PAGE]

*Since curriculum costs vary depending on family size, location, and specific resource needs, we provided a price range for each program rather than fixed figures. All efforts were made to verify the program costs listed above. To inform us of any necessary corrections to price ranges in our competitor charts, please email us at